Core Net HCM is a Headhunting/Searching Consulting firm.
We started our service in Seoul, Korea, then expanded to Hanoi.
In year 2015, we acquired the respected license of 100% foreigner invested Consulting firm from Vietnamese government,
and started the Human Resources Searching Service.

Nowadays, the volume of economic and trading between Korea and Vietnam is getting bigger day by day,
and the value of geological circumstance of Vietnam is recognized to be more important 
by most of Korean industries as their world trading hub gate and manufacturing basement.

When a new Korean company launch into Vietnam,
one of the most important element for successful landing is to secure some qualified Vietnamese human resources.

Core Net HCM has been providing our consulting services to Vietnamese enterprises
in the area of Business Management and Global Marketing for the last 10 years over. 

In addition to this previous experiences in Vietnam,
we provide the professional and well oriented HR searching know-how of Core Search,
and more of our sincere devotion for our clients.

Core Search stands not for only one side but for both side, client companies and job candidates.
For client’s view point, pre-interview and verifying procedures to check the candidate’s qualification is a essential necessary step, in order to provide the reliable service.
For candidates, through the pre-interview, we can give the advices how to get the successful interview, and we keep on support candidates for their career management.

Our mission is to contribute for both Korean enterprises and Vietnamese young generation
to match in their interests of requirements and visions,
so that two countries keep on developing cooperation and become closer for mutually brighter future.

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